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I have been personally practising Pilates for 22 years, and teaching Pilates for the past 15 years. Originally an academic at Newnham College, Cambridge, I went on to research at the LSE, studied for a Masters Degree in Psychology at Kingston University and anatomy at Guy's Hospital. I became enthralled by anatomy and combining both the logistics and creativity of movement, was fundamental in my choosing Pilates teaching as my career. I was originally drawn to Pilates following complications I suffered after having three lovely, beautiful children. I have always been active and am a keen rower (competing at Masters level), so in order to carry on pursuing this sport I needed to discover how to regain possession of my internal body as well as the facade.

Two operations later I realised the Pilates exercises were what had made me strong and helped me recover much more quickly.

I like to encourage practising the exercises outside of the class so it becomes innate and it is a base layer from which one can achieve anything. Education is paramount but how you teach is the Key. Every person who walks through the door has a unique story to tell, not only physically but emotionally, and being conscious of this in ourselves is empowering.I learn everyday from my clients just as much as they do from me. My aim is to Inspire, Motivate, Educate, discover Potential and keep my teaching fresh and invigorating.

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Adele Smyth

Adele is trained by Sport Therapy UK and is a certified VTCT and SMA member. Adele has worked on many international and national sporting events as a member of the therapy team and has worked with many athletes from amateur to professional.

Sport massage therapy is suitable for anyone looking to prevent injuries and help with recovery and return to full fitness and exercise.

Your first session will be an hour long. In this time a history will be taken, enabling Adele to determine the correct treatment approach. An assessment will be made to identify any problems and whether an existing condition could be adversely affected by sport massage therapy.

A brief medical history will be taken and a treatment plan will be fully discussed and agreed.

Massage sessions can be either 60, 45 or 30 minutes in length depending on the specific requirements for the massage. A combination of massage techniques will be used which can include therapies such as Soft Tissue Release, Frictions, Neuro-muscular techniques and muscle energy technique along with general massage. These all produce effective and long lasting results.

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