At Accomplish Pilates we offer barre classes, matwork classes and small groups using various studio equipment, all at affordable prices.

We have recently amended the layout of our studio, and put in procedures and risk assessments following government COVID-19 guidelines.


All of our classes are taught by highly trained professional Pilates Instructors, certified by either Body Control – an internationally recognised training Institute based in London, or other internationally recognised training providers.

At Accomplish Pilates we bring in ideas from other exercise disciplines : Barre, Strength and Conditioning and Myofascia Release exercises. There is no limit to what you can develop given an enquiring mind and a bit of creativity  – this is what Joseph Pilates did and unlike other studios we do not believe that there is only one way forward but that there are many, so our teachers continually research and train to make their teaching more exciting, more intelligent and ultimately more fun. 


Our teachers come from varying backgrounds and each have their own unique styles but each are diligent at paying attention to individuals even in group classes.


Clients are often referred by local GP’s, osteopaths and physios.



We specialise in:


  • Neural dysfunction (Parkinsons, dementia)

  • Back pain

  • Sports injuries

  • Shoulder and hip replacement rehabilitation

For more information, contact: 

07850 270 002

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