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imPULSEonPILATES is the brainchild and inspirational collaboration of Ali Cross and Fe Wood who between them have 45 years of experience teaching movement. Our goal is to motivate and inspire Pilates teachers.

Using specialist workshops, we aim to encourage Pilates teachers to rekindle their passion for teaching, enabling them to think outside the box and enhance their expertise. We aim to help rejuvenate tired teaching practices and remove teachers' fears and anxieties. The result is an improved experience of Pilates for both teachers and their clients.

imPULSE on Pilates are introducing a series of workshops for Pilates teachers or any practitioners of movement: yoga teachers, physical trainers, physios, osteopaths, dancers etc. 

The workshops will be based in one of two locations - Innerspace  Studios in Walton and Accomplish Pilates in Thames Ditton.

The aim of the workshops is to inspire and encourage creativity, to think outside of the box and not be constrained by the confines of the conventions of your basic training. We would like to inspire your teaching, to encourage creativity, while keeping an open mind and having fun.

Bring a pen and paper, take notes, interact and let us know how you feel. Some of the workshops will be open to teachers and their clients, so spread the word.

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